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Avery Berkel XTi

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Avery Berkel XTi
avery berkel XS
avery berkel XS

Avery Berkel XTi Series


The Avery Berkel XTi Series Benchtop Scale provides a complete set of scales and printers, covering a range of different requirements for fresh food counters, self-service, pre-pack and point-of-sale areas for butchers, supermarkets and specialty stores.


It is easy to read and use with a 10-inch multimedia touchscreen for operators and a 10-inch customer-facing display, capable of advertising and displaying promotional messages. It also comes with versatile label and receipt printing options along with CodeChecker for fewer print head changes.


The scales are based on PC architecture, running Windows or Linux operating systems. This gives it complete flexibility for the integration of third-party devices and for running third-party software.

Avery Berkel XTi Series

Avery Berkel XS Series


The Avery Berkel XS Series Benchtop Scale is a compact, weighing and printing terminal with integrated vendor and customer displays. It has versatile operation modes for an all-in-one fresh food retail solution. It is built on enhanced M-Series software that is industry tried and tested. It also sports a stylish and sleek design that is easy to clean.

Avery Berkel XS Series

OHAUS Defender  3000 Series


The Defender 3000 Series bench scales are ideal for general weighing, simple counting, and checkweighing applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping, and receiving areas. The Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged tubular-frame base design and indicators with tactile keys, multicolor backlit LCD display, AC or battery operation, and flexible mounting capabilities.

Ohaus Defender 3000

OHAUS Defender ® 2000 Series


The OHAUS Defender ® 2000 series of bench scales offers accuracy for commercial and industrial weighing applications. The polished 430 stainless steel platform with a painted carbon steel frame and an aluminium alloy IP65 load cell provides strength and durability. The Defender 2000's red LED indicator clearly displays results that can be seen in locations with less than optimal lighting.

OHAUS Defender 2000 Series

OHAUS Valor ™ 4000 Series


The OHAUS Valor 4000 water resistant food scale raises the bar and sets a new industry standard with the winning combination of touchless operations, speed, and durability. Available in both stainless steel and plastic housing designs, Valor 4000 offers large LED front and rear displays, food safety and legal for trade approvals and puncture resistant keypads, making it the premier scale for use in dry or washdown environments.

OHAUS Valor 4000 Series

OHAUS Valor ® 1000 Series


The Valor ® 1000 Series is a reliable choice for general food weighing. The easy-to-operate Valor 1000 scales feature a two-button operation, a large backlit LCD and up to 1,500 hours of battery life.

OHAUS Valor 1000 Series

CAS AP ™ Plus Series


The CAS AP-1 ™ Plus pricing scale is easy to use in a variety of retail applications. It comes fully equipped with a stainless steel platter, pole display that features both front and rear VFD displays. AP-1 Plus has 28 preset pricing keys as well as open weight items. The AP-1 Plus has RS-232C interface allowing it to connect with a basic POS systems with the optional Weight Only Kit.

CAS AP Plus Series

CAS ER ™ Jr Series


The CAS ER ™ Jr Pricing Scale is an affordable option ideal for small Fruit & Vegetable, Butcher and Grocery stores. The ER-Jr is simple and easy-to-use with 4 direct PLUs keys as well as open weight items. The ER-Jr has easy-to-read LCD displays with blue backlights and is available in both a pole version and bench version. The ER-Jr also features a rechargeable battery that allows it to be used in outdoor locations such as farmers markets.

CAS ER Jr Series

AVERY ZM110 Bench Scale


The ZM110 Digital Bench Scale is a battery operated bench and indicator system that offers general/animal (Hold) weighing, checkweighing and check counting with an easy-to-use interface. The ZM110 can be supplied as a trade approved bench scale system at 3,000 divisions as well as 6,000 divisions for applications where trade approval is not required. As a system, the base combines with a pole-mounted indicator that can be used for a wide range of general purpose floor or bench base type applications.

AVERY ZM110 Bench Scale
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