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Exceptional Service for Your Food Retail Equipment 


Briquip Australia Pty Ltd has built a reputation for delivering only the best when it comes to food preparation and retail equipment for commercial customers. When you come to us, we will outfit your business with the most efficient and versatile products so that you can provide a hassle-free service. We aim not only to sell but also support you through the lifetime of the product for a truly positive experience. 



We can offer our assistance with the installation of your purchased equipment so you don’t have to stress. Our team will program the weights for products and set up pricing tailored to your needs. 



Trust us to provide timely repairs for your food preparation and retail equipment. We ensure very minimal downtime if any. We are also available for emergency call-outs during weekends.



Every retail scale needs to be verified by the government or by authorised personnel. We are licensed by NMI to verify that your equipment is in compliance with trade laws for fair use.



If you require any kind of support with your equipment, be it regarding the operation, recalibration or setup, we are happy to help you over the phone or remotely if needed.


Briquip Australia is an NMI Authorised Service Licence Holder (SL-0624). This allows us to verify and approve weighing equipment ensuring that it is legal for trade use. We will calibrate, verify and provide test reports for anything from retail counter scales, labelling scales, counting scales and platform or pallet scales. This is done to see if you meet the relevant authority requirement for Trade Approved Scales and HACCP. Protect your business and bottom line by keeping all your weighing equipment calibrated.

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On-Site Staff Training

We are invested in your success as it reflects directly on our quality of service. In addition to the quality equipment and expert advice, we can also show your staff how to operate the equipment properly and safely. We take a personalised one-on-one approach so that we cover every aspect of the equipment in detail with every one of your staff.

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